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Koochie Play Systems International

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Koochie Play Systems International


KOOCHIE has redefined the rules of the game and achieved a successful balance between SAFETY, RELIABILITY, QUALITY, ASTHETICS, DESIGN and EXCELLENCE.KOOCHIE provides a one-stop Total Solution with playground equipment, EPDM rubber flooring, indoor club house / recreation play equipment, as well as other additional park accessories. With an extensive experience in the playground industry, KOOCHIE is positioned to provide the customer the right playground equipment, floor designs and help building the special playground.

Few Words About Us


  • Koochie is a Global brand with its presence in France, Australia, India, U.A.E, Morocco & Lebanon.
  • With 11 offices, and over 365 employees worldwide, we provide a wide spectrum of unique solutions and services to a clientele of premier organisations in the government and private sectors
  • All through its rapid expansion, Koochie’s essential values stand firm and are reflected across all its installations carried out in various parts of the world. The difference KOOCHIE has brought about is not a consequence of any contrived effort but is a direct result of keeping faith in certain core values, and not getting carried away with the flow.
  • Every component that goes into a koochie system are manufactured in state of the art O.E.M facilities located in Korea, Taiwan and China.
  • Koochie has its localized infrastructure in every major city in India [Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi], whilst its overseas offices are in Paris, Sydney, Beirut, Ajman, Dubai and Casablanca.
  • Koochie’s design and support team is located in Chennai that is totally equipped to provide all our customers with design and R&D support in terms of Auto-CAD layouts and base plan design.
  • End-to-end solutions capability – We manage turnkey projects, right form Consulting, designing, Building and installing our systems in various parts of the world. Our business is structured to provide a “One Stop Solution” to all our clients. Our extensive experience in the playground industry, helps provide our customers, total solutions, right from choosing the right equipment, subsequent flooring, to building a playground that will make a project extremely unique
  • Strong customer relationships - Koochie's customer orientation and service culture lead to enduring bonds with clients. Our distinct value proposition and service culture, coupled with our track record of successful service and product delivery, are reflected in our longstanding customer relationships with dominant players in key infrastructure, services and government sectors.
  • Strong service delivery chain - We have established an extensive services network in all key cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi in India, and our offices in Ajman, Dubai and Casablanca give us an unmatched advantage in servicing customers with localized presence.

  • Koochie playground equipment is a revolutionary concept that creates state of the art playground equipment, manufactured to meet all international standards in terms of design, aesthetics, product durability and most importantly, child safety.
  • All our systems primararily consist of two elements, steel components and plastic components.
  • All steel components are manufactured from the worlds best virgin steel whish is first sand blasted, flow coated, then hot dip galvanized and finally powder coated to perfection. A koochie system’s main pillar post is made of solid 114mm OD steel.
  • All plastic components are manufactured from virgin LLDPE that is imported from Samsung {Korea} and then roto-Moulded to ensure uniform wall thickness. All our plastic components [even our very large slides] are made out of single ROTO MOULDS which ensure virtually seamless parts thus eliminating joints and ensuring a fantastic smooth heavy duty plastic surface that is 100% child safe to use.


    All pipes used in our multi play systems are made from 114mm galvanized ‘imported steel” These posts are fabricated with 114mm (0.37ft) O.D. galvanized steel tubes. All tubing used to manufacture components are electrical resistance welded, hot rolled, and high strength steel tubing. The interior coating consist of an in line hot dipped uniform zinc galvanizing, sand blasted, flow coated and then powder coated to perfection. These THICKER structures ultimately result in a stronger and more stable play structure.

    POWDER COATING FINISH [specification]:
    Shall be an electro statically applied with our custom formula of TGIC polyester powder. All components will be free of share edges and excess weld splatter and shall be cleaned in a six stage bath system with an iron phosphate wash, as a rust inhibitor and a sealer to prevent flash rusting before coating. The coating shall have a super tough finish with maximum exterior durability and will have superior adhesion characteristics. Typical characteristics are 3.0 mil thicknesses. The process methodology used : Hot rolled steel---- cleaned the edges and weld spatter----- iron phosphate wash---- print rust inhibitor---- drying---- powder coated.

    All plastic components are made from ‘VIRGIN LLDPE’ granules that we import from SAMSUNG [KOREA] which is then roto moulded to perfection to create UNIQUE, PATENTED ANIMATED roofs and panels that are most unique in design, style and colours. WE DO NOT USE ANY FIBRE GLASS – ONLY THE WORLDS BEST PLASTIC WHICH IS U.V

    Our animated roofs and panels make KOOCHIE systems very attractive as compared to the other boring plain square or round roofs

    All our roofs are made from 100% virgin LLDPE imported from SAMSUNG KOREA. All koochie roofs are ROTOMOULDED to provide seamless ANIMATED, 3D attractively designed and coloured ROOFS with uniform wall thickness

    All our panels are made from 100% virgin LLDPE imported from SAMSUNG KOREA. All koochie panels are ROTOMOULDED to provide seamless ANIMATED, 3D attractively designed and coloured panels with uniform wall thickness.

    All our P.E components are made from ULTRA HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT MATERIAL

    The handrail shall be the manufactured of 32mm (1.26’’) O.D. galvanized tube. All tubing used to manufacture components shall be an electrical resistance welded, hot rolled, high strength steel tubing. The interior coating will consist of an in line hot dipped uniform zinc galvanizing.

    Our Floppy swing seats are made from high grade plastic while our Firm Swing seats are made from High grade UV Stabilized plastic.

    The ladder assembly shall be made from 2mm (0.079’’) thick punched steel. The steps and stringers shall be all welded assembly with and electro statically applied custom formula of TGIC polyester powder. The ladder handrail shall be fabricated of 1.26’’ O.D. galvanized pipe with a powder coated finish.

    All KOOCHIE products uses, a unique, minimal maintenance fastening system called the TRUE SAFE system. This includes a solid, factory compatible designed construction, and corrosion resistant, galvanized steel fasteners. This system boasts a clean, European look and makes the whole play structure an extremely solid and safe unit. The traditional welded system is bulky, unsightly and is known to be problematic over a period of time FABRICATION: All steel components are manufactured in our factory using state of the art cutting and brazing technology which is then well finished to ensure smooth lines and perfect geometry. All parts are then sand blasted, hot dipped galvanized and flow coated which is then powder coated using the world’s best powder coating technology.

    Our rectangular & square decks & stairs are fabricated from 2mm (0.079’’) thick punched steel with a powder coated finish. The deck is a one–piece assembly with electro statically applied custom formula of TGIC polyester powder. Our decks are also available in plastisol [rubberized] coating which helps reduce heat & noise besides making it a safer option for children

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu


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