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Slice Of Italy

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Slice Of Italy



Brief Profile

With pizza outlets spread all over Delhi.Slice of Italy provides super quick home delivery upto well beyond midnight With a whole range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas Godfather Choice Mediterranean margarita Misto vegetalli Best of Seven the Four-Cheese Pizza being some of its delicacies it has taken huge strides in the pizza business. While the pastas and salads are okay types the calzones are simply awesome Try the Triplo Pollo Formaggio, or the Triple One Besides they offer submarines (Hecle and Jeckle is a great twin submarine and desserts the Chocolate Truffle.)

Pizza Menu With Retail Price

TOPPINGS CLASSIC number-1 in our veg section:with tomatoes / baby corns/ green capsicum/jalepenos/onions/button mushrooms/cilantro/feta cottage cheese/red paprika/black olives/ roasted garlic/oven roasted red peppers & cheese

Rate :  Double (Rs.175)  Family (Rs. 314)

BIG TORINO  "a non spicy combination of juicy feta cottage cheese,tomatoes,cilantro,garlic, & black olives."Rates  Single (Rs. 89),  Rate : Double (Rs.142), Family (Rs. 259), customize

CHAK DE PHATTE "the most popular pizza in this section ,it has paneer tikka , onions , red peppers, green mint sauce & cheese." 

Rate : Single (Rs. 109), Double (Rs.175), Family (Rs. 314),customize

CHECK MATE "very popular among kids,--with , cheese ,onions , tomatoes & capsicum, cut in chess board squares ." 

Rate : Single (Rs. 89),  Double (Rs.142),  Family (Rs. 259),customize

CHINESE CHECKERS  Rate Double (Rs.175), Family (Rs. 314),customize

COPENHAGENS BEST  "spanish artichoke hearts ,tangy red paprika,danish mozzarella & a hint of copenhagen""s special gowda cheese."

Rate :  Double (Rs.189), Family (Rs. 349),customize

DISCO PIZZA Rate Single (Rs. 109) Double (Rs.175) Family (Rs. 314)customize         

ESTRIMO VENETO"tomato ,black olives ,baby corn with xtra cheese     (  KIDDIES SPL )"

Rate : Double (Rs.175), Family (Rs. 314),customize

EVERYTHING ON IT"everybodie""s favourite; with mushroom , onion, capsicum,tomato,cheese,garlic ,cilantro & black olives." 

Rate : Single (Rs. 89), Double (Rs.142), Family (Rs. 259),customize

EXOTICA" one of our best vegetarian calzones , filled with buttom mushrooms, roasted capsicum , baby corns , cottage cheese , garlic & mozzarella in mustard dressing ." 

Rate : Single (Rs. 70), Double (Rs.135),customize        

FANATIC ITALIAN  "undried tomatoes,feta cottage cheese,baby corn,capsicum & cheese an under layer of our very special chunky sauce(mild spicy)" 

Rate : Double (Rs.189), Family (Rs. 349),customize

FARM HOUSE PIZZA"this is a very popular pizza with mushroom , onion , capsicum & cheese" 

Rate : Single (Rs. 89) Double (Rs.142) Family (Rs. 259)customize        

FIRENZI CHILLY"it is a spicy pizza with tomatoes , onions, cheese , marinated green chillies & sun dried red peppers." 

Rate Single (Rs. 89) Double (Rs.142) Family (Rs. 259)customize        

FOUR CHEESE CLASSIC PIZZA "it is a very cheesy pizza with 4 kinds of cheese on it-mozzarella/ gowda / cheddar and montrey jack , all sprinkled with italian herbs " 

Rate : Single (Rs. 85) Double (Rs.129) Family (Rs. 239)customize        

HIGHWAY MAGHERITA "A lip-smacking combination of chopped  Jalapenos , Cilantro & fresh Mozzarella Cheese ." 

Rate : Single (Rs. 85) Double (Rs.129) Family (Rs. 239)customize        

HUDSON VALLEY "This is a tangy calzone with filling of paneer tikka, roasted tomatoes,diced bell peppers,alferedo sauce & extra cheese." 

Rate : Single (Rs. 70) Double (Rs.135)ustomize        

I-SPICE "Spicy mexican corns,green bell peppers,onions with edam cheddar & mozzarella" 

Rate : Double (Rs.175) Family (Rs. 314)customize  

ITALIAS NO-1"it is a very juicy pizza which has a special &  unique kind of sauce which is ifused with mildly spicy minced vegetables & its topped with layers of fresh mozzarella , cheddar and our in house pepino cheese." 

Rate : Single (Rs. 85) Double (Rs.129) Family (Rs. 239)customize

MARGHERITA CLASSIC" True Classic Italian Pizza Made with imported tom pulp,lots of Italian buffalo,mozzarella cheese,sprinkled with oregano and basil to add aroma" 

Rate : Single (Rs. 58) Double (Rs.109) Family (Rs. 208)customize        


Rate : Single (Rs. 70) Double (Rs.135)customize        

MISTO VEGETALLI cherry tomatoes , spring onions , parsley flakes , american golden corns with parmesan, gowda & mozzarella cheese." 

Rate :  Double (Rs.189) Family (Rs. 349)customize    


Rate : Single (Rs. 109) Double (Rs.175) Family (Rs. 314)  customize        

OFF OFF MIRCHEY this is a spicy pizza with tangy cottage cheese cubes,tomatoes , red paprika, marinated green chillies & cheese." 

Rate : Single (Rs. 109) Double (Rs.175) Family (Rs. 314)customize        

RED INDIAN"this is a spicy pizza with vegetable hash browns, tomatoes,onions,red peppers,green mint sauce & cheese." 

Rate : Single (Rs. 89) Double (Rs.142) Family (Rs. 259)  customize        


Rate : Double (Rs.175) Family (Rs. 314)    


Rate : Single (Rs. 85) Double (Rs.129) Family (Rs. 239)customize        

SPICE ROUTE"this is with capsicum,tomatoes,feta cottage cheese, crushed green chillies & cheese." 

Rate : Single (Rs. 89) Double (Rs.142) Family (Rs. 259)customize        

THE WHOLE NINE YARDS"one of the best pizzas we have in our vegetarian section with feta cottage cheese,cilantro,jalapenos,tomatoes,lettuce,pineapple,parsley,basil & mozzarella cheese" 

Rate : Double (Rs.175) Family (Rs. 314)customize       


Rate : Single (Rs. 89) Double (Rs.142) Family (Rs. 259)customize       


Rate Single (Rs. 70) Double (Rs.135)customize    

VERONAS ARMY"a very aromatic pizza with american golden corns,smoked capsicum,onion chunks,lettuce julliennes, tomatoes & a blend ofmozzarella and peppino cheese." 

Rate : Double (Rs.175) Family (Rs. 314)  customize

Contact Us For Franchisee Inquiry

Delhi, New Delhi 110020

Investment Needed
Min Franchise Fee: 400000
Max Franchise Fee: 800000


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