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We at Green Foot Ecotex are coming up with India's first Green Retail.

Green Business, Green Marketing, Green Products.

Green retail delivers business sustainability. It's a way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility by reducing the environmental impact of an enterprise while simultaneously delivering significant financial benefits. A key objective in the creation of  the Green Foot Ecotex was to have close links with local communities. We did not want our stores just to be another shop, we wanted to have an active role in supporting them and giving something back. It is one reason why we call our business a not JUST for profit company. The KHADI prominence was part of this concept.To know more about us, please do visit  Thanks for your attention.

Site Location and Feasibility analysis. Facility Planning: Restaurant Lay out design and complete fit outs. Concept and details of interiors. Designing of kitchen and specification of equipment.Systems Planning:Kitchen Ordering System. Production System.

The change we want to see

Restore the Environment
Restore is the next reduce, reuse, recycle. We are working to ensure that our products have a circular lifecycle, meaning natural resources are being used and renewed at a rate that is always below their rate of depletion.

Inspire Conscious Consumption
Our focus is to inspire thoughtful consideration of each purchase—from the immediate impact of the products you buy (Is it safe? Is it gentle on the earth? Does it work?), to the broader impact throughout their lifecycle.

Create a Just and Equitable World
We’re committed to making sure that everyone our company interacts with—from the spinners who spin our yarn to the customers who use our products—are treated fairly and with respect
Environmental Sensitivity

We're committed to the highest levels of environmental sensitivity in the choice of our packaging, using materials that are recycled and recyclable. We don't want to create any additional garbage on the planet, and work hard to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Investment Needed
Min Franchise Fee: NIL
Max Franchise Fee: NIL


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