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 Supply of supplement education primarily to school children. We have developed various courses that are unique and as such stand out from others in this Industry. They are - Focus 'o' Brain, Focus ‘o’ Veda, Focus 'o' Memory, Focus 'o' Personality and Focus 'o' English. Focus ‘o’Brain is the most unique program that we have. We are the only company that offers such diverse and huge courses.

Focus 'o' Brain is the most unique program that we have. This is a 18 months program which is a unique combination of 6 different techniques, namely, Vedic Maths, Abacus, Memory Boosters, Thinking Techniques, Win in 60 seconds and Personality Development.  We are the only company that offers such a diverse and huge course. The benefits that you have as a Franchise if you take this program are:

·         It has all that a parent wants to teach his/her child

·         Because the program has modules from so many different branches of studies, the benefits that it gives to a child is obviously huge

·         It develops a child's Brain capabilities, Enhances his Mathematical Abilities, Improves his Memory, Augments his Thinking and Develops his Personality.

·         Besides these 6 core techniques that we use in our program, we also have a few modules on handwriting, speed reading and speed writing in our syllabus

·         Because there are 6 different techniques in the course, it works out to be very cheap for an individual parent to put his/her child into our program rather than any where else

·         It is easily saleable as it not one course, it is 6 different courses together at one course price

·         We have the best in class website and in some time we will start providing online support to all children who are enrolled with us

Focus 'o' Veda is the best mathematical program on Earth. It is an old Indian science that has now been mastered by many Universities in UK and US but which has been largely ignored by we Indians. Any problem in Mathematics can be solved by this technique in one line. This is a 12 month program The benefits are:

·         Vedic Maths helps students solve mathematical problems about 15 times faster

·         Aids in intelligent estimation (knowing the answer without solving the problem)

·         It reduces burden on the student as He/She has to know tables up to 9 only

·         Vedic Maths reduces finger counting & scratch work rather improves mental calculation

·         Improves concentration

·         Logical thinking process gets enhanced

Similarly we have other programs like Focus 'o' Memory, Focus 'o' Personality and Focus 'o' English. Do go through our website for further information on our courses.Benefits To The Franchisee

·         Excellent business opportunity with high returns & safe investment

·         Franchisees will be our partners in growth

·         Established national brand name and logo

·         Intensive training to the franchisee

·         Effective advertising & marketing support from franchisor

·         Accurate accounts & control systems

·         Assistance with hiring & training faculties and employees

·         Day to day help

·         On going operations & management support

Recruitment process: (a) Check the availability of the city or the location which you are interested in. (b) Fill the application form - Profile matching (c ) Telephonic Correspondence with the Franchise Manager (d) Terms and Conditions (e) Confirmation (f) Payment - Letter of Intent - Manuals (Counselling & Operations) (g) Opening Office - Recruitment of employees - Training (h) Launching Brainbay - this is a week long program Training:

Training for the program is a continuous process. You would be given 3 day Course training and a one day marketing training in the beginning. After which there will be rounds of training every 3 - 6 months. Also there will be a Franchise Manager visiting you in order to induct you with the entire process of marketing, sales, administration and accounts. A Unit Franchise have to pay Rs.10,000/- as training fees. If you are a Master Franchise then as and when you will sign up Unit Franchises or tie up with schools, our academic team will come there to provide training to the teachers recruited for the said purpose.  Marketing: The support that the company would provide you would be in the form of:

·         Induction

·         Conducting Seminars

·         Workshops

·         Advertising

·         Marketing Training

·         Customization

·         Audio / video presentations

·         Power Point Presentations

·         Flash Presentations

·         Continuous Training

·         Online Academic Support

·         Regular Visits / Inspections

·         Posters

·         Banners

·         Leaflets

·         Brochures

·         Website

Deep Ganga Apartment,Flat No 40,Plot No:2,Sector-5A,SIDCUL
Haridwar, Rajasthan 249403

Investment Needed
Min Franchise Fee: 50000
Max Franchise Fee: 100000

Instant Messenger
Yahoo Messenger: suniltaparia


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