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The new age of seamless automation, has left most vulnerable and many affected.

Sedentary lifestyles, hours of sitting-wherever that is, lack of exercise, the blackberry and to top it all, no specific awareness on why back problems occur in the first place- has led to the tremendous increase in prevalence of back pain, surprisingly, in relatively younger age groups too.

Acknowledging back problems on the rise and understanding the need to have a one stop solution, Back Rx is here to provide all you might need, to keep your spine agile and in good health.

We believe in targeting the root cause of the problem - ‘Prevention’, in the most cliché sense, is definitely better than cure!

A holistic solution for your existing, or about to be existing back problems, Back Rx promises to provide globally accepted standards of Spine Care.

• Physical Therapy specialized for Spinal Disorders - Receive specific guidance from our Physical Therapists on what you should and should not do, if you have back pain or don’t want to have it - Posture, Exercises and Ergonomics! Get your existing back problems evaluated and treatment by therapists who use globally accepted standards of treatment and dedicate their efforts to your recovery.

• Ergonomic Spine Care Products - Different areas of your life make you vulnerable to back pain. While you work, while you sleep, when you relax and even when you’re on the move- your back is taking a beating you’re unaware of. Understand the use of back care products, specially designed for each area of your life as assistive devices, to prevent pain & or manage it.

• Office Ergonomics - Modern day work culture has become mainly desk bound. Sitting all the time is inevitable. It’s almost like a physical pre-requisite to most jobs these days. Ignorance may not always be bliss and this is especially true with ‘Ergonomics in the Workplace’. Office Ergonomics is a specially designed program conducted in your office by our trained physical therapists in order to reduce health risk and increase productivity.

Back Rx is establishing itself to become the first chain of spine care centers providing both Products and Services. The center has a physiotherapy department in the back specialized in spine injuries and Ergonomic products in the front that support your spine and ensures the person maintains the correct posture to minimize the chance of every getting an injury. We have tied up with doctors in the US to train the local physiotherapist in techniques that are not usually practiced in India. Our products are also designed by doctors and are not available anywhere else in India.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Investment Needed
Min Franchise Fee: 1000000
Max Franchise Fee: 1500000


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