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Momo Station

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Momo Station


Momo Station is one of the fastest growing kiosk based food chain in Mumbai which sells Momo's (like Tibetan Dumplings). The o

Momo Station is one of the fastest growing kiosk based food chain in Mumbai which sells Momo's (like Tibetan Dumplings). The only branded momo outlet in Mumbai having presence in all the posh locations. We are looking to expand rapidly with franchisee partner for mutual benifits

nly branded momo outlet in Mumbai having presence in all the posh locations. We are looking to expand rapidly with franchisee partner for mutual benifits

About Momo Station

If you are fan of the Asian dumpling delicacy, Momo, then Momo station is the place for you. The Momo station offers take away and home delivery options. They have outlets in Bandra, Malad and Thane in Mumbai.

The momos can be ordered as fried momos, or steamed momos if you are health conscious. They come in a variety of fillings like spicy veggie, spicy chicken, aloo cheese, mutton rogan etc. Kids will love the cheesy supreme filling. Besides momos they also have a choice of snacks like French fries, potato wedges, veggie nuggets, chicken nuggets, sausages et. Choose from a selection of steamed or fried Momos with a variety of fillings at Momo Station. A typical snack for two costs Rs. 150. So the next time you have hunger pangs and need a quick bite, head to Momo station!


Momo Station restaurant reviews

    Momo Station - Malad, Mumbai: Restaurant Reviews
    Mridul Parashar

    Momo station is a great take away joint in malad where you can get the best of vegetarian, chicken or mutton momos. Having tasted Tibetan chicken momos in delhi, i was not sure how this would taste when my friend took me there last Friday evening. Its a short walk from office and quite convenient to reach as its at the Inorbit mall. We ordered for ourselves Mo spicy chicken and Mo masala chicken. Both of varities were unbelievably tasty and one shot better than the momos i used to have near campus. The only compliant i have is that the waiting time is too much.
    Varnika Chauhan

    Momo station is a super palce for a quick snack at the malad inorbit mall. We were very tired after roaming around in inorbit mall and wanted a quick snack. Since i hadn't tried before, went to the momo station counter and after a short deliberation decided on veggie lite momo and spicy veg momo. what delicious things they were!! Totally worth the money and a good eat under 200 rupees. My friend did not like them as i did, but for me it was fun and much much better than the burgers and stuff that you normally have for an evening snack when you are tired.
    Momo Station - Bandra, Mumbai: Restaurant Reviews
    Fayaz Abdulla

    I recently shifted to kalanagar in bandra with a room mate and he being a food enthusiast know most of the great eating outlets in bandra. One day while we were shopping on the linking road he said he wanted to eat momos and off we went to this place called Momo station on carter road. Not much of a place to call a restaurant but anyways he ordered a mutton rogan momo and spicy chicken momo. And when i ate it, it was unlike any momo i had anywhere else. Steamed to perfection and filled with tasty meat. Im looking forward to going there soon.
    Kanika Sood

    I had gone to bandstand in bandra with boyfriend. After getting some nice coffees from barista we sat near the rocks for some time. Its very good experience looking at the waves crashing one after the other. After sometime we both got hungry and we decided to have some light snack. Didnt feel like getting inside barista for sandwiches but phoning friends we got to know that there is a momo station outlet in carter road, which felt just the right thing to eat. Got there soon and ordered two plates of chicken momos. Loved it completly!! This surely will be an outlet to frequent whenever im in the vicinity.
    Momo Station - Thane, Mumbai: Restaurant Reviews
    Mithun Jayaram

    I stay in mulund and some of my friends stay in samata nagar. Therefore during weekend i go over and stay with them. We generally eat out at lot of place during weekends and at least once go to this momo ststion outlet. Amazaing variety of momos at one place boss!!! Its eaten by everybody in a flash and the plate go saaf in matter of minutes. They have this thing called chicken nuggets which again is ordered by us very often. If something like this was near my home, i would have perhaps gone every other day. The only hitch is the price factor as momos are expensive. I asked the manager about any outlet near mulund and he said the other outlets are towards bandra. Very sad!
    Labonita Das

    Need to definitely write about this place called Momo Station who we girls go alot. The best thing is that the thane korum mall is very close to our society and even though we are there for some other work, we are tempted to go to momo station. The momos are so tasty that the taste will linger even after you finish of a plate. My all time favourite momo varity is the spicy veg momo, which i also think is the best one. Yes the price is slightly expensive, but the place is hygienic and you don't have to worry that your stomach will get upset.

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So far, we have managed to wage a war against hunger effectively in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Investment Needed
Min Franchise Fee: 200000
Max Franchise Fee: 500000


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